Market 32: A new way of discovering food

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Market 32

Project Summary

We are very excited to be working in partnership with the Golub Corporation to realize their vision to redesign and rebrand all of their Market 32 stores over the next nine years. Market 32 is their response to the increasing demand for a higher standard in grocery shopping, as well as a heightened interest in gourmet meals. Each store is designed with inspiration in mind, complimented by tastings and demonstrations from in-house experts and local producers. The stores also incorporate kiosks offering how-to videos and a wide selection of easy, creative recipes.

This new concept requires the most important feature – the food – to be displayed in the most inspiring way possible.

By closely collaborating with our client’s multiple departments and their design firm, we came up with an innovative, cost-effective approach to producing the displays, executing the designs and consistently implementing the system across almost 150 stores.

The process started by getting a deep understanding of the client’s needs, from the needs of the in-store staff, to the business objectives of the different corporate teams. All of the resulting displays were designed considering the products being showcased, durability, versatility, strict aesthetic guidelines and, of course, large-scale implementation.

Golub continues to be pleased by the success of the launch of the first stores, and we look forward to launching the new designs across the remaining locations.

Market 32 Image

Key Features

  • Easy-to-assemble units
  • Flexible, modular displays
  • Custom instruction manuals for refrigerated units
  • Durable wood and metal finishes

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