Vince's Market: A long tradition of fresh foods

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Vince's Market

Project Summary

Vince's Market was founded in a perhaps more simple era when a grocer's strategy would be to source the best quality food and offer outstanding personal service. It was 1929 when Vince's first opened. Since then, it has grown to become a beloved staple in eight communities around Toronto. While the times have changed, their philosophy has not. And shoppers love it.

Cayuga was first approached by Vince's several years ago to provide some dry displays. Since then, we have grown to become an integral part of their store refresh and expansion plans — helping them develop a line of salad bars, deli, bakery, cheese, floral and produce displays. All of the cases and displays feature a flexible design to accommodate their fast-changing merchandising configurations and maximize their limited in-store space.

Because Vince's Market is a small independent player, we were asked to work within a limited set budget. Our team pitched the idea of leveraging existing designs with some minor changes, but with custom finishes. The idea resulted in a configuration that met their needs and a look that perfectly reflected their brand.

Cayuga always enjoys working with Vince's Market and we look forward to the next expansion or refresh!


  • Standard designs with custom finishes
  • Seamlessly integrated dry, heated & refrigerated units
  • Flexible configurations
  • Modular assembly

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